Managing a growing herd across a number of locations…

Farming across three locations presents its challenges and having calved 380 calves with two labour units in just one of those locations, and given current difficulties in sourcing additional labour, Andrew Leeson felt it was time to look at an alternative solution.  In this video Andrew explains the reasons as to why he selected HerdInsights [...]

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Delivering results through challenging times…

Weather is always a factor in farming and with expert analysis telling us that we can expect increased variability and more frequent occurrence of extreme weather events globally, it seems that climate change will have a serious effect on planning and decision making on farms going forward.   None was this more so evident this [...]

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Managing heat detection with an expanding herd

William O’Brien, Co. Waterford Ireland  Herdsize - 181 Number of collars -181 Yield, 7,000 Litres   Requirements:  the main reason for looking at a Heat Detection system was my increase in numbers.  My heat detection rates were decent enough, but then I took the decision to increase my herd size to over 180 cows.  I [...]

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