A smart collar continuously monitors your cows’ behavioural patterns, the data is collected and transferred to our data centre where we conduct a multi-metric analysis of your entire herd and issue alerts on your cows health and fertility directly to your phone.

Key Product Features:

Breeding | Estrus Android | HerdInsightsDairy Herd Reproductive Management

HerdInsights uses a multi-metric analysis on each individual cow’s behaviour enabling more accurate and timely heat detection.

Fertility is one of the major factors affecting the efficiency of any dairy herd.  It can account for one of the major costs of production and also represents an area where significant improvements can be made.

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Poor dairy herd fertility is recognised as having many consequences, both direct and indirect. Most importantly:

  • Loss of milk production through too many dry days or peak yield traded for later lactation yield
  • Disruption to the calving season and milk production pattern
  • Loss of mature animal milk yields through early culling
  • Extra veterinary costs
  • Reduced calf sales
  • Additional AI costs
  • Enforced culling resulting in more replacements being reared or bought
  • Loss of valuable genetics
  • Linkage with other problems such as nutritional imbalances and production shortfalls
  • Embroy loss detection

We Monitor:

  • Estrus activity
  • Mounting
  • Chin resting
  • Sniffing
  • Licking

Transition Cycle, Dry cow management | Reproductive Management | Post-Breeding, HerdInsightsHealth Management

The identifying and monitoring of health conditions and diseases at an early stage is an important step as all available evidence shows that health and fertility performance are closely linked. The effects of health problems can persist through the entire lactation and have a profound effect on the animal’s overall fertility and products.

At HerdInsights we monitor both the reproductive and general health of the animal sending an alert directly to the farmers phone when there is a negative variance from the cow’s normal activity.

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We Monitor:

  • Grazing/Feeding
  • Rumination
  • Resting
  • Activity

Faster Recovery Rates:

  • Reduced cull rates
  • Reduced veterinary costs
  • Reduced usage of antibiotics
  • Monitor animal response to determine treatment effectiveness
  • Pneumonia
  • Mastitis
  • Ketosis
  • Metritis
  • Lameness
  • Photosensitivity and
  • DA’s

Typical Results for HerdInsights

6 Week Submission Rate


Increase In 6 Week In Calf Rate


Reduction In Calving Interval

17 Days

Financial Gains

1% Increase In 6 Week In calf rate =

€8.22 per cow per annum gain 

20% Increase =

€12,600 gain for a herd of 77 cows

Return on Investment 16 Months

Not including the following gains:

Health Monitoring • Labour Savings • Time • Quality of Life


Year Round Reproductive & Health Monitoring At Your Fingertips

Monitoring Herd Post-Breeding Period with HerdInsights
Monitoring Herd Breeding Period with HerdInsights
HerdInsights, Herd Breeding Technology
Monitoring Transition Period with HerdInsights
Monitoring Herd Pre-Breeding Period with HerdInsights
HerdInsights, Herd Breeding Technology


This system enables me to ensure my cows are ready for AI come breeding season… delighted with both the system and service.

David Rose, Wexford, Ireland, 200 Collars

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