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By using multi metric analysis this cloud-based ‘Smart Collar’ improves the efficiency of farm breeding programs.

The Smart Collar reduces health care costs through early illness detection making it the most accurate Heat detection product on the market today.

HerdInflight - revolutionary drone compatible, estrus and health monitoring gateway


HerdInflight enables farmers to monitor their herd’s health and reproductive status using drone technologies.

​The health and reproductive status of livestock on pasture farms can be monitored more effectively without any restrictions on range or accessibility.


Monitor Your Cows’ Behavioural Patterns >>


Use Our Revolutionary Drone Compatible, Estrus & Health Monitoring Gateway >>


Use Our Revolutionary Drone Compatible, Estrus & Health Monitoring Gateway >>



Please read a selection of reviews from some of our clients.

The system has sent me alerts for cows that have turned out to have mastitis and ketosis before I would have picked it up.  It even monitors the cows feed intake which has proven to be great for picking up sick cows that are eating less.

Mort Kelleher, Cork, Ireland – 120 collars

The decision to go with HerdInsights has proven to be a great investment.  I have achieved a 99% 6-week submission rate with very little effort and saved a labour unit.  I have every confidence that HerdInsights is looking after my herd health and breeding effectively and reliably – it’s an integral part of our farm management system.  In addition to this you get proactive support from Ireland – the personal touch.

Peter Bellamy, Waikato, New Zealand, 250 collars

I have actually moved to sex semen for this breeding season thanks to the accuracy of information I am receiving on the system.

RG Emmott, Cheshire, England, 90 collars

HerdInsights has completely changed my way of joining cows.  It’s allowed me to not rely on inconsistent methods of heat detection, saving time and labour.  I’ve been able to do away with herd bulls, my 6 week submission rate has been greatly improved.  The extra information on non-cycling cows has been available at the start of joining, not the end, which is great. It’s also picked up on sick cows well before anyone noticed. Very pleased…..game changer!

Alastair Gibson, Victoria, Australia , 320 collars