Key Features Of HerdInflight:

HerdInflight Drone Technology

HerdInflight will enable farmers to monitor their herd’s health and reproductive status using drone technologies.

​The solution has been developed so the health and reproductive status of livestock on pasture based farms can be monitored more effectively without any restrictions on range or accessibility.

With HerdInflight the sky is no longer the limit to managing your herd’s health and reproductive performance.

HerdInflight Solution

HerdInflights solution is compatible with most drones on the market today and our service team will work with farmers to create a custom made solution that incorporates each individual farmers requirements around such things as range, climate etc.

When it comes to the area of herd health and heat detection across large and/or numerous geographic regions there can be a number of challenges including:

  • Stockmen have less time or opportunity to observe each animal thoroughly
  • Infrequent visits to the unit often for only for a few minutes each day
  • Visits disturb the animals and often coincide with the repenishment of food, in which case animals’ behaviour may not be typical of the diurnal rhythms
  • Observations are subjective

Farm Management Solution

Very often a stockman is only able to collect and assimilate only fragmented information on which to base management decisions, particularly around the areas of heat and health monitoring.

​With HerdInflight, farm management now have the capability of monitoring each individual animals’ behaviour and status at any time of the day in a time efficient manner. Cows are not disturbed and the observation visit does not coincide with additional disruptive tasks with the animals.

​For those who have large dairy herds over vast areas HerdInflight will enable farm management to select semen and reproductive protocols prior to the cows coming into the parlour in a far less stressful time.

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