HerdInsights, today announced the launch of SolarInsights, designed as an efficient and effective method of providing power to our HerdInsights remote gateway this solar panel consists of a 40-watt PV panel and charger which clips to any 12-volt battery.  The panel is currently designed for post mounting and includes an external voltage indicator which makes it easier for the farmer to check the charge status.

HerdInsights Solar Panel“With continued farm expansions being seen across all our major markets we have seen a steady increase in the popularity of our remote gateway which is used to monitor off farm animals such as heifers, however for many of these remote or off farms supply of grid electricity can be an issue, therefore the provision of a product such as SolarInsights can ensure a reliable power source, which will ensure continuous monitoring of the breeding and health status of your herd”, said Brian Mulcahy CEO of HerdInsights.


The initial offering product can be ordered through our distribution partners or directly from HerdInsights, and will also shortly be available to order online from our website, with prices starting from €300.