We recently had a farm based in Ireland who had purchased HerdInsights collars – delighted with the results but to add real value they wanted to integrate the system with their ATL Pegasus Drafting Gate system.  He could talk to the cows, he could talk to the drafting gate but to gain even further time and labour savings he wanted them to talk to each other.

Technology has brought huge benefits and savings to the dairy farm but the integration of these technologies still remains a big issue.  Integration is necessary for the smooth running of a dairy enterprise and enables the farmer to focus on core tasks, and in this case ensure that the farmer didn’t have to worry about which cows were being drafted.

Drafting Gate Integration

“Not a problem for us here at HerdInsights, after contacting ATL Agricultural Engineering we began the process by defining the issue” explained Cristian – HerdInsights Lead Software Engineer In this case the drafting computer needed the alert information which resided in the ‘HerdInsights’ cloud.  As our technology is cloud based, integrated solutions can be easily provided via the internet, it is not even necessary for us to be in the shed with the collars.


At this stage we simply provided ATL with the access to the relevant part of our cloud structure, we then developed an API which allowed them to code to us.  The result is that now when a cow alerts for Estrus, the drafting gate computer is informed and the cow is automatically drafted as she leaves the milking parlour, a seamless solution has been put in place for the farmer.  Cows drafting, farmer happy another solution provided by the application team at HerdInsights!


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