HerdInflight – Revolutionary Drone Compatible Estrus and Health Monitoring Gateway

HerdInsights are delighted to announce the expansion of their range of gateway options available for their estrus and health monitoring technology. Recognising that many farms stretch across large and multiple geographic regions HerdInsights have [...]

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Managing a growing herd across a number of locations…

Farming across three locations presents its challenges and having calved 380 calves with two labour units in just one of those locations, and given current difficulties in sourcing additional labour, Andrew Leeson felt it was [...]

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Removing the unknowns through data

Over the last number of years, technology has become an ever-important factor within the agricultural sector.  From the farmers perspective these developments in technology can sometimes feel like a case of information overload, prompting the question: [...]

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Managing herds with more precision than ever…

"Advancements in cow behaviour sensors now offer more insight than ever before….. Nick Barradale - BVSc MRCVS, Molecare Veterinary Services   Historically cow mounted sensors were prone to damage, poor battery life and limited applications.  [...]

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