Power your remote gateway with SolarInsights

HerdInsights, today announced the launch of SolarInsights, designed as an efficient and effective method of providing power to our HerdInsights remote gateway this solar panel consists of a 40-watt PV panel and charger which clips to any 12-volt battery.  The panel is currently designed for post mounting and includes an external voltage indicator which makes [...]

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HerdInflight – Revolutionary Drone Compatible Estrus and Health Monitoring Gateway

HerdInsights are delighted to announce the expansion of their range of gateway options available for their estrus and health monitoring technology. Recognising that many farms stretch across large and multiple geographic regions HerdInsights have developed Herdinflight a revolutionary drone compatible estrus and health monitoring gateway. HerdInflight will enable farmers to monitor their herd's health [...]

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Removing the unknowns through data

Over the last number of years, technology has become an ever-important factor within the agricultural sector.  From the farmers perspective these developments in technology can sometimes feel like a case of information overload, prompting the question: what do we do with all this data and how can we realistically turn it into farm profit? “Enter the [...]

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Managing herds with more precision than ever…

"Advancements in cow behaviour sensors now offer more insight than ever before….. Nick Barradale - BVSc MRCVS, Molecare Veterinary Services   Historically cow mounted sensors were prone to damage, poor battery life and limited applications.  This meant that often not all animals were enabled and labour consuming sensor transfer was an undisclosed cost that often [...]

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Finances of Fertility

"The importance of fertility and the impact on dairy herd profitability is undeniable, well documented and generally appreciated.  That said; "What is your performance and where can your business cut ‘hidden losses’? Nick Barradale - BVSc MRCVS, Molecare Veterinary Services The drive to maximise output consistently with a set herd size and therefore cost of [...]

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Drafting Gate Integration with HerdInsights

We recently had a farm based in Ireland who had purchased HerdInsights collars – delighted with the results but to add real value they wanted to integrate the system with their ATL Pegasus Drafting Gate system.  He could talk to the cows, he could talk to the drafting gate but to gain even further time [...]

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HERDINSIGHTS growing team focuses on client service and growing international market

HerdInsights is proud to announce that our team is rapidly expanding with the addition of two new key members. We are delighted to welcome Brian Mulcahy as General Manager of, Alanya Ltd t/a HerdInsights. Brian Mulcahy joined Alanya Ltd. in April 2017 and brings a wealth of experience having worked in the Technology Industry for [...]

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